.we are PERIMONI

We monitor your perimeter. Like attackers do.

Real Threat Detection

We uncover real threat to your organization, such as webmail credentials leaked online, security tokens in public source code by using custom scripts and OSINT (Shodan, Censys, etc.).

0 false-positive

All our findings are verified manually by our team, making sure that you always get relevant data, and no false positive. Facts matter.

Permanent evolution

Threats evolve within the time, so do we. Our R&D division is always looking for cutting-edge techniques and sharing a lot at international conferences.

Key results

You finally get a dashboard with our findings, including statistics about what we went through for your organization.



Recent breaches highlighted the fact so much data was leaking online, allowing bad actors to get initial foothold inside your organisation.

what we do

We scan, crawl, index and gather data exposed online so you can take direct actions about it and start investigating leaks using custom scripts and OSINT techniques (Shodan, Censys and so on).

our history

This service was created current 2017. We integrated few more customers during Q1 2018 and plan to continue for Q2 2018.


Our main clients are from the French CAC40 but also worlwide financial/banking companies.

.Services we offer

Data leak detection

We detect leaks on several public sources and notify you as soon as we detect it.

Instant notification

Each finding will be notified to you.

Easy collaboration

The dashboard you will get will allow you to collaborate with your colleagues and our team in a prolific way.

Personal instance

Each customer has his separate and personal instance which is encrypted and fully secured.


Our solution is in constant evolution and we include cutting-edge technologies in order to detect risks for your organization.


Each semester you get analytics and trends about how threats are evolving either for your organisation but also in general.

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